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Considering how loud I was playing my music, I was surprised to hear a knock on my door. Reluctantly, I turned the music off, and headed downstairs, still nodding my head to the now gone beat. I opened the door halfway, and saw who it was. Automatically, I went to close it again, but I found a foot in the doorway. Pointedly, I opened it a bit further, and tried again. Failure – the foot was still there.
“Mind moving your foot just a tad?” I asked with mock solemnity.
“I’m too shocked your maid didn’t answer the door,” Therese shot back expertly. Damn, who in the name of God blessed woman with any concept of wit?
“It’s her day off.” I told the almost closed door. “She’s watching her son’s school play,”
“How kind,” She commented. I could almost imagine the look of distaste I was sure she had on her face.
“Hardly. If you’d heard her son sing before – we’d be doing a favor by letting her wor
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The air was too much to breathe in – it choked me, dulling my senses. I considering not breathing, but unfortunately, that often resulted in unconsciousness, followed my death.
Not that that wasn’t an entirely pleasant prospect, but I had to admit it to myself – some rich kid falling down on the pavement, his face red, his eyes open, searching pleading for air, or anything would save him wouldn’t fit in entirely too well at my school. Especially considering which rich kid was in question – me, of course. Being School Captain gave me certain responsibilities, and these must contain ‘Thou shout not kill thyself on school property’. I wasn’t entirely sure of the wording, but I was pretty sure I was somewhat close.
I sucked in a deep breath, and ducked behind a tree, folding to the ground, my legs bent, my arms around my knees. I knew this wouldn’t look good to the outside world, but I was past caring.
To put it simply, I was not dealing with th
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I inhaled, attempting to keep my temper within check. She had chosen him. Anthony. I spat the name with my thoughts, each syllable a painful whip. I mean, I couldn’t offer her anything – money, jewelry, flowers, expensive dinners, and shopping sprees. But she didn’t want any of that. I didn’t care that she didn’t want the materials I could give her - that was irrelevant. I wished she wanted them, or that Anthony was giving them to her. Then, I could reduce her to a material obsessed, gold digger whore.
What hurt me wasn’t her rejecting my gifts, rejecting my physical advances. That was fine. Well, not fine but not like this splintering pain. I could handle the rejection when she pushed my hands away when they sought anything but hers. I could handle her shoving me away, regret in her eyes, when I got too close. I didn’t like it, but I could handle it. It was the other things she was rejecting.
I wanted nothing more than to cause her pain. Not physical
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She knows she is the worst human being in the world. She knows of the power she as given, and she knows of the grievous abuse she just caused. She knows what she’s done. She knows the damage. She knows the consequences. She knows everything, but still, does that stop her?
It doesn’t.
Nothing would, nor nothing could.
Sometimes, that’s just the way these things pan out. Sometimes, you just can’t help these things. This time however, she could help. But she didn’t bother to stop it, to prevent it. Of course she didn’t. She had the power to fix it all, and instead she chose destruction. Who wouldn’t choose destruction? You know, the whole ‘grass is green on the other side’ theory. Well, most of the time it isn’t. She knows this, and fully accepts this.
But she’s glad.
She deserves the misery, the guilt. She did the unspeakable, and she didn’t stop herself.
All in all, she knows. The grass is never greener on the other side. It
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In the End
In the end, her eyes drop slowly to the floor, and she knows she’s done something irreparable. She knows she’s done something wrong, but how could something wrong ever feel so right?
She knows morals, equality, all of those things. She knows right from wrong perfectly well. But most of all, she knows this isn’t working. She knows lying is sometimes the best path, but in this circumstance, lying to both herself and him, would not be the best path.
She looks back up to his face, and sees he is still staring at her. He is boring into her skull with her eyes. He is boring her, actually. He is desperate, and irrational.
“How can you?” He asks. He doesn’t stutter. He doesn’t even blink. Hell, he probably isn’t even there.
She tries to think of an answer.
Yes, she is leaving him. Yes, he loves her, and no, she does no love him. No, there is no chance she could ‘learn to love him’. ‘Learning to love someone’ is probably the stupidest
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Rinse and Repeat :icontwoxnine:twoxnine 1 2
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Lust :icontwoxnine:twoxnine 1 4
Skin cold from touch, she lives full of fear, her chest rising with each breath and falling, in a constant notion. She looks at the ceiling, as if hoping for god. Her eyes aren’t filled with tears, not yet. But even that’s not definite. She wants to destroy something. She knows she’s made a stupid decision, but she can’t stand the thought of fixing it. She can’t stand the thought of anything, except that one thing. And she needs that one thing.
Except, she can’t have that one thing. She’s going stir-crazy. She wants it with all her heart, mind, body and soul. Fuck everything and everyone else, this is all she needs.
But the more she has, the crazier she is. The less she has, the better she gets, the happier, the saner. But she can’t stand being without it. It makes her happy, if only for a moment. She knows she’ll have to quit it soon, to live her only dream, and the thought of that kills her. But she needs that dream, as much as she needs t
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I'm considering starting a fashion blog, with this lovely man as my photographer, so i shall keep you all posted.
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